Ladder Creek Plant


Tumbleweed CEO Durell JohnsonTumbleweed Midstream is led by Durell J. Johnson, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. Mr. Johnson has more than 35 years of diversified oil and gas experience in both the upstream and midstream sectors.

Mr. Johnson began his career in the energy industry as a reservoir engineer with Exxon in Corpus Christi, Texas. Some of his more recent positions include vice president of engineering and operations for Clear Springs Energy; vice president of engineering and operations for Regency Gas Services; director of engineering for Energy Transfer Company; and senior vice president of engineering and operations at Stakeholder Midstream.

His diverse experience includes large projects related to very challenging gas compositions including high H2S and CO2, high BTU, very high N2 and helium. Mr. Johnson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Gas Engineering from Texas A&I University.

Helium Veteran Returns to Ladder Creek

Mr. Johnson has a unique history with the Ladder Creek plant. He was working for Union Pacific Resources (the original owner of the plant) when the concept for a helium plant at the Ladder Creek location was first conceived. Serving as the plant’s project engineer, project manager and operations director from 1997 to 1999, Mr. Johnson managed the design and construction of the plant, hired and trained all employees, commissioned the plant in 1997 and managed operations until the plant was sold to DCP Midstream in 1999.

Alan Sellers

VP, Operations

Alan Sellers brings Tumbleweed Midstream 36 years of production experience, which includes 23 years of oil and gas operations. During that time Mr. Sellers has managed virtually every aspect of oil and gas midstream operations from gathering, compression, pumping, processing and delivery to management of PSM facilities and regulated lines. 

Prior to joining Tumbleweed Midstream, Mr. Sellers served as director of operations for Ironwood Midstream Energy Partners and director of operations for Howard Energy Partners. Plants managed and operated by Mr. Sellers during his career include the Ladder Creek Helium Plant, Waha Gas Plant, Tribune Station, Reveille Cryogenic Plant, Three River Stabilizer and Terminal and numerous dehydration and treating facilities. 

Mr. Sellers’ expertise in the midstream sector encompasses construction, operation and maintenance of plants, compressors, dehydration units, acid gas injection units, NACE compressors and facilities, natural gas pipelines and natural gas liquids pipelines, cathodic protection for pipelines, compressor station installations and dehydration and treating installations.

Mr. Sellers earned his degree from Tarrant County Community College in Arlington, Texas.

Jarrod Morrision


Jarrod Morrison joined Tumbleweed as controller in February 2020. Mr. Morrison brings a diverse midstream accounting background spanning 20 years. He served XTO Energy for 13 years in various roles in the company’s midstream operations division, including senior gas plant accountant and senior midstream operations analyst for XTO’s gas plants and pipeline assets in the Permian, Mid-Continent and Argentina. Most recently Mr. Morrison served as gas plant accounting manager for Stakeholder Midstream, working on contract negotiations, escalations and NGL markets, with full responsibility for revenue accounting related to gas, and implementation of process controls and volume reconciliations for the gathering system and gas plant.

Mr. Morrison earned a Bachelor of Science in finance and economics from McMurry University.

Catherine E. Johnson

Director, Business Analysis

Catherine E. Johnson joined Tumbleweed Midstream in February 2020 and manages environmental compliance, regulatory reporting and producer/revenue accounting for the company.

Ms. Johnson, a second-generation oil and gas professional, most recently served Altus Midstream as HSE environmental manager, responsible for environmental programs for Altus’ West Texas operations, including federal Title V permits for large compressor stations and a cryogenic processing plant. Previously, Ms. Johnson served Apache Corporation, managing air permitting and compliance programs for Apache’s North American Unconventional Resources region upstream and midstream assets in the Delaware Basin. During her consulting career, Ms. Johnson has participated in a multitude of environmental compliance activities for multiple clients in both the upstream and midstream sectors.

Ms. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is a Registered Environmental Manager.

Mark Germinario

Business Development & Geoscience

Mark Germinario brings 38 years of exploration and production experience to the Tumbleweed team. He combines his geologic experience in southeast Colorado with Tumbleweed’s vision to work closely with E&P and investment communities to expand local gas exploration activity. Working with existing producers, Mr. Germinario encourages further vision-based development of the area’s helium producing fields.

Prior to Tumbleweed, Mr. Germinario identified and developed oil and gas investments as Geoscience Manager with Beacon E&P, a small independent producer. He conducted geologic analysis for E&P operators in numerous plays across the Rockies, Texas and Oklahoma, drilling of over 500 vertical and horizontal wells throughout his career. Mr. Germinario has an extensive background in conventional and unconventional plays, and the development, acquisition and divestiture of oil and gas assets. Mr. Germinario’s career path includes Union Pacific Resources, Stroud Energy and EOG Resources.

While at Union Pacific Resources, Mr. Germinario’s geologic analysis in Cheyenne and Kiowa counties over seven years resulted in drilling over 150 wells targeting the Morrow Sandstone. Having found significant amounts of helium-rich gas, he was the geologic lead on the team that successfully recommended to UPR management the proposal that became the Ladder Creek Helium Plant and gathering system.

Mr. Germinario earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in geology from San Diego State University.