Ladder Creek Plant

Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of Tumbleweed Midstream is to grow the Ladder Creek Helium Plant and Gathering System to supply at least five percent of the world’s annual helium demand. We are dedicated to accomplishing this in a way that is transparent, fair, and represents a positive experience for our producers, our customers, our employees, our neighbors and the environment.


At Tumbleweed Midstream, our vision is to ensure that every transaction is a win-win experience for all parties.


At Tumbleweed Midstream these key values guide everything we do:

  1. Safety comes first.
  2. Protecting the environment is key to our continued existence.
  3. We treat everyone with respect and fairness – customers, employees, vendors, producers, our communities and our neighbors.
  4. Well-trained, engaged employees are critical to help us safely grow operations at the Ladder Creek plant. Our people are key to Tumbleweed Midstream’s success in elevating the plant to full capacity.
  5. We endeavor to make every transaction a win-win experience for all parties.